Mar 03, 2004

Chittagong Hill Tracts: recent atrocities committed by army and Bengali settlers

Report on the last violence, tortures and persecutions against Chittagong Hill Tracts People
Army tortured 3 PCP workers in Ruma

On 26 February 2004 three Pahari Chatra Parishad (PCP) members of Ruma Thana Branch including Mr. Uhla Ching Marma (22) and Mong U Ching Marma were severely tortured by the army of Ruma cantonment in Bandarban district. It was reported that that day at 10.00 p.m. Uhla Ching Marma was beaten by two Bengali settlers namely Mr. Nibarun Karmakar and Mr. Nuru Hossain of Ruma Bazar while he along his friend were returning home from hotel. Receiving this news, some PCP workers rushed there and rescued them. At that time, the PCP workers also beat Nibaran Karmakar. However, Bengali leaders of Ruma Bazar made compromise it. But Nibarun Karmakar and Nuru Hossain went to cantonment secretly and informed the army that some tribal miscreants surrounded Bazar for looting. Receiving this report, the army rushed there and caught PCP workers, and tortured brutally without having any inquiry. As a result, three PCP members mentioned above were got serious injuries and got admission at Ruma hospital.
Both indigenous Jummas and Bengalis in Ruma upazila (sub-district) reacted against army atrocity. They observed road blockade on 27 February in Ruma upazila. The PCP also brought out protest procession in Bandarban district headquarters on same day demanding exemplary punishment of army involved with this atrocity. But no action was taken so far.

Army raids in Dighinala

On 01/03/2004 in early morning at 4.00 a.m., a group of army from Kabakhali army zone in Dighinala under Khagrachari district raided the house of Mr. Niru Chakma s/o Chandra Bahan Chakma of village Jamtali in Dighinala upazila (sub-district), Khagrachari Hill District. They searched the house but found nothing. The army said him that they (army) had been informed about the presence of arms in his house. That is why they raided house. At last, they apologized for that. But the army also interrogated that whether a brother was staying at Delhi or not. But Niru Chakma denied to have a brother staying in Delhi.
Later in the next morning another group of army from Dighinala cantonment led by one Commanding Officer (CO) came to Niru Chakma's house. But at that time, Niru Chakma was not at home. The CO ordered Niru Chakma's family members to ask Niru Chakma to be present at cantonment by 11.00 a.m. in the same day. It is mentionable that Mr. Niru is leading a miserable life with anxiety now.
On the same night at 2.50 a.m. the houses of Mr. Jagat Jyoti Chakma (Ranaturja) s/o Chok Kala Chakma and Mr. Suujjal Chakma s/o Profulla Chakma of village Boirafa under Merung Union Parishad of Dighinal Upazila in Khagrachari district were also raided by a group of army from Dighinala Cantonment of Khagrachari Hill district. The army destroyed some valuables of the houses. Jagat Jyoti Chakma and Suujjal Chakma were the returnee members of PCJSS according to CHT Accord.

False case filed against Mr. Santu Larma and two others his party members

On 28 February 2004, Mr. Mahfujur Rahman backed by Mr. Abdul Wadood Bhuiyan, MP filed a false case against two members of PCJSS Mr. Sudhakar Tripura and Mr. Braja Kishore Tripura of appointing Mr. Jahangir Alam to assassinate Abdul Wadood Buiyan as per the instruction of Mr. Jyotirindra Bodhipriya Larma, President of Parbatya Chattagram Jana Samhati Samiti (PCJSS) and Chairman of Chittagong Hill Tracts Regional Council. Mr. Mahfujur Rahman also filed case against other four members of Awami League in this connection.
It is reported that earlier in the morning of the same day a gang of armed caders appointed by Abdul Wadood Buiyan caught and brought Mr. Jahangir Alam, a member of Awami League from his place Islampur to Wadood Bhuinya’s place Kala bagan area where Mr. Alam was tortured. Later Mr. Alam was rescued by the police. To turn the incident to different ways, Mr. Mahfujur Rahman filed this false case. It is also to be mentioned that on that same day, another member of Bangladesh Chhatra League named Tipu was caught and tortured by the caders of abdul Wadood Bhuinya.
It is also to be mentioned that, Abdul Wadood Bhuinya and local leaders of four party alliance put pressure on the local police demanding immediate arrest of accused persons in this connection. They also tried to bring out a procession in Khagrachari town. Mr. Khayer, a Sub Inspector of Khagrachari Police station who did not agree to arrest and allow procession was immediately issued an order of transfer from Khagrachari.