Apr 18, 2006

Ogoni: MOSOP Condemns Current Provocative Actions of Shell

MOSOP have received confirmed reports revealing that some Shell officials unilaterally entered into Yorla oil field in Khana Local Government Area of Ogoni and attempted to work on her oil facilities without the consent of the people
Press Release, 14 April 2006 - Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP).

MOSOP today reacted by strongly condemning current actions of Shell in Ogoni, which are undoubtedly aimed at precipitating crisis in the area.

MOSOP have received confirmed reports revealing that under the cover of darkness, some Shell officials yesterday, 13th April, 2006 unilaterally entered into Kpean community in Yorla oil field in Khana Local Government Area of Ogoni and attempted to work on her oil facilities without the consent of the people. The development almost provoked some youths of the area into responding angrily.

In our press release of Monday, April 10, 2006, we highlighted the compay’s plan to immediately work on its oil installations in the area using a so-called monetized relief package for victims of a recent spillage in Kegbara Dere as a subtle means of achieving the plan. We have earlier protested and alerted the world of the devious activities of Shell against our people including instigating crisis between our neighbours especially the Ndokis and Ogoni communities.

MOSOP notes that one of the main agenda items proposed and submitted by Shell to the Facilitator of the Government, Shell and Ogoni dialogue, Reverend Father Matthew Hassan Kukah for discussion at the talks was “a thorough inspection of all SPDC facilities in the area to assess their current conditions, secure and make them safe in order to prevent any further environmental or safety incidents”. In our view, once the parties that have declared commitment to the process have submitted the issues for discussion and resolution to an agreed facilitator, it behooves on the parties to allow the issues to be resolved through the same process and not to take steps to undermine it. Interestingly, Shell confirmed in its press release dated April 13, 2006 that “her officials went on inspection of wells to assess their integrity preparatory to securing them”. Unilaterally taken out an issue and dealing with it the way the company as done meant that SPDC (Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria Limited) has completely lost faith in the planned reconciliation effort.

It is our position therefore that unless we receive measurable assurances, we are afraid; MOSOP would be seeking an alternative, non-violent approach in securing justice for our people rather than the reconciliation process.

We thus wish to warn Shell and its collaborators in and outside Ogoni including politicians and state officials to immediately stop all further provocative and unfriendly actions against our people. As it is well known, Shell remains unwanted in Ogoni and it must therefore stay clear of the Ogoni territory as she will be held responsible for any break down of law and order in the area. From now on the firm and its collaborators will be thoroughly monitored and appropriate civilize measures taken against her activities that are capable of undermining our legitimate aspirations.