Apr 06, 2006

Talysh: Talysh Newspaper Shavnisht Launched by TNM

The first number of Shavnisht was published in Baku, Azerbaijan, by the Talish National Movement (TNM). It deals with many topics, spacing from Talysh language to accounts of the current political and socio-economical situation of the Talysh people
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The first number of the Talish newspaper “Shavnisht”, meaning “Nightly Gathering”, was released last Monday, 3 April 2006 in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan. The basic purpose of the newspaper, explains main editor Aboszod, is to publish articles reflecting on today’s social, economic, political and spiritual position of the Talish people in Azerbaijan. The first edition of the newspaper also contained articles on the Talish language; an article on the principle of national self-determination; poems in Talish; and congratulations by the Talish National Movement to G. Askerovoi and S. Ashrafi on their 70th anniversary.


Extract from: Tolish Press