Mar 09, 2006

Nagalim: Speech by NSCN President Isak Chishi Swu

Ceasefire gives no time for pleasure and recreation, says Chishi, following the extension of the ceasefire with the Government of India for another six months. A concrete financial policy must be devised for the benefit of the Nagas, he adds
I extend warm welcome to you at this first session of the Tatar Hoho in 2006, and greetings to all my honorable comrades! Our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ, the creator of Nagalim and the whole universe continues to protect and defend us and therefore, we are steadfastly holding on to our dear cause. As another budget session sets in, may God's almighty wisdom be upon us throughout our deliberations.

Let me first welcome the newly elected honorable members to this August house. I congratulate you. May you leave positive footprints in the pages of Naga history!

Today, I would like all of you to join me in paying tribute to the sacrifices of the thousands of brave sons and daughters of the soils who had laid down their precious lives for the nation. They shall shine in glory forever. Their bones are scattered over the hills and valleys yet theirs and our pursuits remains the same. I salute them and pray for their eternal salvation. Now it is my turn and yours to give everything for the precious cause of our Motherland. Let us not fail in our time.

Honourable members, we have extended the ceasefire with the Government of India for another six months. Indeed, a time has come to introspect ourselves as to what we must achieve in the forthcoming months. Eight and half years have elapsed since the NSCN and the Government of India decided that the ceasefire was the only option to pave the way for solving Indo-Naga conflict. Ceasefire time is not for pleasure, laziness and recreation. During ceasefire period we have to prepare everything for the worst situations and also for the best future of our nation. But the NSCN has chosen the negative way. Have we been drawn away from our sacred cause by worldly charms, pleasures and attractions in the last eight years?" All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned, everyone to his own way" (Isaiah 53:6). God forbid, we have not! God was not happy with the Isrealites because they had forgotten the great things God had done for hem. The always chose slavery. NSCN has forgotten what God what miracles God performed for us in the years gone by. We were the weakest but He has made us the strongest in our land against the invading forces. As it is said " and God has chosen the weak things of the world to put to shame the things which are mighty". The good God raised the NSCN from zero point to the highest level. What a miraculous love! Can we understand the writings on the wall?

It will be tragic to let a brief lull in our struggle diminish our abilities to make decisions and their implementations. How shall we respond to the growing criticisms over our individualistic attitudes? Are we prepared militarily in the event of any eventualities? What course do we take to strengthen the Army wing as well as the civil set up? What necessary steps are we taking t tighten our loose administration? What is the relationship between the national workers and the general public both in town and villages? These are paramount questions facing us today. NSCN has lost one precious thing: Discipline. Where are we today? Can we earn back what we have lost? I urge this August house to tackle and adopt drastic measures.

Today, India's state sponsored agent has recognized our vulnerability in many aspects. The moral principle that we so highly valued and practiced has gone down drastically. We have degenerated in the eyes of both our people and our enemies. Our commitment seemed to have waned; historical right kept in the back burner replaced by materialistic tendencies, burying our ideas and vision. Today, NSCN is like a warrior in battle yet at the mercy of fleas and parasites within!

Distinguished members of the house, nobody is above the Nation and therefore, we must search our hearts and do away with ideas of self enrichment, selfishness and self righteousness. As we deliberate on many issues confronting us, let this budget session also be an occasion to broaden our horizon economically.

A concrete financial policy with short and long term plans must be devised for a sustainable economy not only for NSCN but for the benefit of the Nagas. The fiscal policy of the NSCN must therefore modeled upon transparency and consistency in very ministry and department.

Let us be true to ourselves and Nagalim. May God bless each and every member of this August house.

Source: Nagaland Post