Mar 08, 2006

Sindhi: Expats Continue Protests against Alleged Atrocities in Sindh, Baluchistan

Dozens of expatriate Sindhis and Balochs from Pakistan on Monday protested alleging atrocities against their community members in Sindh and Baluchistan provinces
Dozens of expatriate Sindhis and Balochs from Pakistan on Monday protested outside the Pakistan consulate here alleging atrocities against their community members in Sindh and Baluchistan provinces.

Activists of the World Sindhi Institute carrying placards shouted slogans against the Pakistan military regime led by President General Pervez Musharraf for continuing human rights violation and going back from the promises made to the people of Sindh province.

The protestors shouted slogans against Musharraf for carrying out suppressive measures in the two Pakistani provinces. They claimed that they have evidence that action by armed forces had led to deaths and injuries among civilians.

Humaira Rahman, Director of the World Sindhi Institute, said that the military regime was continuing with their atrocities against Baloch and Sindh people including many ethnic minorities.

“This is the fifth military operation being carried out in Baluchistan. Villagers are being bombed, people are being arrested without charge. This is not the first time that the military government is carrying out operations against its own citizens and previous military governments have done the same. The current military regime of Musharraf is doing this under the guise of war against terror, the support he is getting from western governments in terms of economic and military aid and weapons are actually being used against Pakistani citizens,” said Humaira Rehman.

The World Sindhi Institute urged the US and UK, whose key ally is Pakistan in the war against terrorism, to link any aid to the impoverished nation to adherence of political and social righteousness.

Munawar Laghari, Executive Director of the World Sindhi Institute, urged the international community to intervene for restoration of democracy at the earliest in Pakistan.

“We want ideally our rights, our equal rights, our basic fundamental rights, human right, our basic political rights. There are no rights in Pakistan, no rights in Sindh and Baluchistan; the only ruling is the military. We want to stop the military rule in Pakistan, that's very important otherwise it is a failed country. So, it is a need to tell the world that Musharraf is one dictator who is ruling the country. We must stop support to Musharraf,” said Laghari.

The people of the province have long felt a sense of deprivation and alienation from Islamabad, and have repeatedly demanded greater power to determine their own affairs. Balochs are also demanding greater control over rich natural resources of the province. These include vast fields of natural gas at Sui, in Dera Bugti.

Sindhis are opposed to the proposed Kalabagh dam and Greater Thal canal projects in their province as they allege that the two irrigation projects would benefit the Punjab province and spell doom for Sindh. They believe the projects would divert water from the Indus River to irrigate Punjab, making their province fallow. The Sindh Assembly had even moved resolutions against both the projects, which were ignored by Islamabad.

Sindhis constitute less than 10 per cent of Pakistan's 140 million populations and occupy nearly one-fifth of the country's total area.


Source: New Kerala