Mar 02, 2006

Ahwazi: Regime Abuses Women and Children

Ahwazi activists are highlighting the cases of two female Ahwazi political prisoners who are abused in prison
Abuse of Ahwazi women and children

Ahwazi activists are highlighting the cases of two female Ahwazi political prisoners: Sakina Naisi and Mousma Kaabi. Sakina is 40 years old and pregnant and reportedly bleeding, which suggests that she is in danger of a miscarriage and possible death due to her prison conditions.

Masouma is 28 years old and is the wife of Habib Nabgani, an Ahwazi political activist. She is in prison with her four year-old son Aimad, who is reportedly ill due to poor conditions, and her mother-in-law.

BAFS spokesman Nasser Bani Assad said: "The Iranian regime is depraved. It treats Ahwazi Arab women as less than dogs. Anyone in the regime with any sense of decency should release Sakina, Mousma, Aimad and Mousma's mother-in-law immediately and see that they receive adequate medical treatment. It must stop executions and torture and release all Ahwazi political prisoners immediately. The UNCHR and the European Commission must send fact-finding teams to Al-Ahwaz to assess the human rights situation there.

"The world is obsessed with Iran's nuclear programme, but is ignoring the human rights of the people of Iran and ignoring the brutal ethnic cleansing of Ahwazi Arabs. What options are the Ahwazis left with when their appeals go unheeded and their women are brutalised by the Iranian regime's policy of state terrorism and ethnic cleansing?"

Excerpt: British Ahwazi Friendship Society