Feb 16, 2006

Nagalim: The Naga Hoho Meets Soon to Elect President

Since the death of President Horangse Sangtam in early February, Vice-President Keviletuo has been supervising the Naga Hoho. A Federal Assembly is to gather to elect a new President
THE NAGA Hoho today said that it would meet shortly to decide on who will lead the organization following the untimely death of its President Horangse Sangtam who passed away on February 6. “However, nothing has been worked out on this matter”, Vice-President Naga Hoho Keviletuo Kiewhuo told The Morung Express.

He said that that the Naga Hoho constitution provided provisions for the Vice-President to take charge during the absence or demise of the President and accordingly he is taking care of the organization at present. “But we will do it at the earliest to elect a new President” said Keviletuo.
The Naga Hoho Federal Assembly was scheduled to meet on February 14 but due to the sudden demise of the President, it could not be held, informed Keviletuo. He also said that though the President is no more with them, there aims and objectives will remain the same unless decided upon by the Federal Assembly of the Naga Hoho. However Keviletuo said that any change if any in the Naga Hoho aims and objectives will be streamlined by the Federal Assembly. “We cannot just go ahead and twist the thing as we like, because everything is decided by the Federal Assembly.

“Even if our President is no more we will remain consistent and persistent in everything we do and there will be continuity in whatever we do”, he informed.

Source: Nagalim.NL News