Feb 10, 2006

Mon: Human Rights Abuses as Result of Gas Pipeline Explosion in Mon State

96 people were forced to guard a pipeline along with soldiers after an explosion occurred. Some suspects are reported to be arrested and subsequently tortured by electricity machines
96 people were forced to guard domestic pipeline in Mudon Township, Mon State daily after explosion occurred in central Mon State in the first of February and some suspected were arrested tortured by electricity machine, sources said.

"96 people from four villages in the area of pipeline explosion were forced to guard pipeline along with soldiers(SPDC troop) since then," a man from Kwan Hlar village told to Kaowao, requested not to be name for security reason.

"And then secretary of Kwan- Hlar village was arrested as suspected and he was tortured by electricity machine and now he lost memory," he quoted his family source as saying.

Mr. Nai Nok, age over 50 is a former chief of village's militia force of SPDC and Mr. Nai Raer Jaer, age over 40 were now in Mon State capital detention center. They were not released until can find the real bomb setters.

The villages must to burn down if another explosion occurs in the area; he quoted as SPDC commander saying in the emergency meeting in the area in Feb 5.

People are too afraid to go outside village for there is more restriction. SPDC is searching for some News Mon State Party members who active around the area.

SPDC has putted some photos of dangerous men in main public sense in Mon State including around the area of explosion, in which Muslim national and Karen National before about one week of explosion, witness said. But there is no Mon, the witness said.

"SPDC Local Battalion No. 62 in the area said the bomb explosion is not related to NMSP," a local villager who has close relationship with the commander said under the condition of anonymity.

Hundreds of local people were call on and questioned but they all freed, and some of them were tortured a little, source said.

In 2003, the pipeline exploded in the area and some of the people who have good relationship with NMSP or members of NMSP were call on and questioned, but no any arrested.

The pipeline was transmitted in 2001 from Yadana Gas Pipeline in Kan Bauk of Tenasserim to cement factory of Karen State by crossing in the middle and near town and village along Mon State.

The first explosion in Mudon Township was in 2002 and there are about five times of pipeline exploded in Mon State; three times in Mudon township, one time in Thanbyuzayat township and one time in Ye township. There are two times naturally exploded.


KaoWao News Agency