Feb 08, 2006

Sindh: Opening Up of Transit Routes Pre-Requisite to Peace, Says Former Foreign Minister

Foreign Indian Foreign Minister Jaswant Singh hopes this step, playing a vital role in the development of the two countries, will bring peace and stability in the region

Former Indian Foreign Minister Jaswant Singh asked for an increase in people to people contact by opening up of all trans-border transit routes between the two neighbouring countries, which he belief will bring lasting stability and peace in the region.

Talking to newsmen at Sarhadi Abad the Former External Affairs Minister of India said that Khokharapar-Umerkot via Monabo and Mirpurkhas to Ajmer Sharif Bus Service should be started at the earliest.

Jaswant Singh stressed the need for softening up of the visa system.

He termed his visit as very fruitful and historical.

He maintained that Khokarapar-Monabo Rail Service has opened-up due to the combined efforts of the two governments and he hoped that the service will remain open permanently.

Speaking on the occasion member provincial assembly of Utter Pradesh Ander Singh applauded the efforts put in by General Pervez Musharaf and Dr. Manmohan Singh in this apropos.

He hoped that this step will bring peace and stability in the region and will play a vital role in the development of the two countries.

Jaswant Singh called for softening up of visa requirements so that the people can meet their relatives living on the other side of the border with ease.

Mahavinder Singh son of Mr. Jaswant Singh claimed that the peace dialogue between India and Pakistan has proven successful.
Another Indian delegate Fatah Muhammad Rahimoh expressed his pleasure on his visit to Sindh especially Thar.

He asked for continuation in all such reconciliatory efforts.

Another delegate Bhopinder Singh applauded the hospitality extended to the delegation by the people of Sindh and expressed his hope that the peace process will continue in the right direction.


Source: Online - International News Network