Feb 02, 2006

Somaliland: Application for Membership in African Union

In May 2005 the African Union had sent out a fact-finding mission to Somaliland from which the report was read and discussed during the 6th summit of the AU as well as Somalilands application. The process of membership application is still running
ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia- Republic of Somaliland, which has been seeking recognition from the international community as in independent country for years, has finally put forth an application to be a member of the African Union (AU).

To that effect, their application, along with a formal fact finding mission report which was undertaken by the AU last year, was read during the 6th summit of the African Union in the Sudanese capital of Khartoum this week.

It is to be recalled that the African Union had sent out a fact-finding mission headed by its deputy chairperson last May, 2005. The mission had drawn a report which was supposed to be presented in the summit in Sirte, Libya, but apparently was referred to the Khartoum summit.
Inside sources disclosed that the issue of Somaliland recognition calls for further deliberations and considerations over the matter. Sources also told SSI that some countries were in favour of recognizing an independent Somaliland while others had called for more deliberations.
This is an extremely important step for the recognition of Somaliland, says the Minister of Information of Somaliland, Mr. Abdullahi Duale.

“I think that the AU has a moral obligation to include Somaliland,” Duale said. “And I think they will follow it. The ball is definitely starting to roll.”

Meanwhile, the President of Somaliland Mr. Dahiir Rayaale Kahin, returned back from a long tour from Germany and Norway after undergoing a medical treatment and exploring business opportunities.

According to Mr. Abdullahi Duale, the president had a very fruitful business trip, having had business meetings with private sector and government bodies.

The Somaliland leadership is leaving no stone unturned in its efforts for an independent nation.
Somaliland has demonstrated to many observers that it is capable of democratic rule and effective conflict resolution. It is now concentrating on attracting business investments.

Source: The Pan-African Newspaper