Jan 27, 2006

UNPO Confident on a Positive Outcome for the Naga Issue

With the current ceasefire agreement due to expire 31 January 2006, UNPO is positive that the parties will take further steps to end the Indo-Naga conflict, including an extension of the ceasefire, General Secretary Marino Busdachin states
As the ongoing ceasefire between the Indian government and the National Socialist Council of Nagaland (Isaac-Muivah) NSCN(IM) is due to expire on 31 January 2006, talks on an extension of the ceasefire are underway.

The root of the current situation derives from a divergent vision of Nagaland-India relations, and so far several talks have been held to resolve the conflict. Three years ago, on request, the Naga Government sent a clear-cut proposal to the Indian Government, the content of which was meant to launch a basis upon which the talks would progress. Yet, there has been no further settlement on the final question of self-determination for Nagaland and some have pointed at a lack of consistency by the Indian government due to different voices within various political parties. On the other hand, one of the positive achievements in this respect was a communiqué in which the Government of India recognized the uniqueness of Naga History. This recognition was stated as a prerequisite for the Nagas to continue the talks.

UNPO urges the UN to consider the question of Nagaland based on the right to self-determination and further encourages a consistent and accountable policy by the Indian Government to find a viable solution to the question of Nagaland.

UNPO calls upon all parties to the conflict to endorse measures to progress the peace process, including serious consideration of the proposal for a federal process, unilaterally put forward by Thuingaleng Muivah. “UNPO is positive that the scheduled talks will advance the process and expects to see both parties take further substantiate steps to end the Indo-Naga conflict,” General Secretary Marino Busdachin states.

“Whereas an end to the ceasefire would give rise to resumed confrontation and signify a serious setback, UNPO is confident that the parties will continue to build on progress previously made, entailing an extension of the ceasefire,” Marino Busdachin maintains.