Jan 26, 2006

Nagalim: Ukhrul Rally Calls for Early Indo-Naga Peace

People present at the rally reaffirmed their confidence in the collective leadership of the NSCN and urged for a peaceful solution to the Indo-Naga peace process
UKHRUL, Jan 24: A silent rally urging for an early solution in the Indo-Naga peace process was taken out today in Ukhrul district, being organised by HUNPHUN.

The rally, attended by several thousand people, kicked off from around 11 am from two different starting points, the Hundung Dungrei Junction and Kharason junction, and came together at the Wino Bazar public ground where a public meeting was held later.

Shops in and around Ukhrul bazar were also closed for the day.

At the public meeting, five declarations were adopted:

First, that the people reaffirmed their confidence in the collective leadership of the NSCN, and would continue all-out support to it till the resolution of the political issue between the Naga people and the government of India;

Secondly, that the people are determined to achieve self-determination which is a fundamental right of every person and every nation;

Thirdly, that the people will never waver nor wear out under any circumstances till an honourable solution between the Naga people and government of India is arrived at;

Fourthly, that the people stood by the resolution of the Tangkhul people taken on September 23, 1946 for the unification of all Naga areas;

Fifthly, that the government of India should demonstrate its commitment of sincerity and reality.

During the rally, participated by 2000 as per official estimates, but 30,000 claimed by organisers, carried festoons and banners saying `Don’t employ negotiation as a forum for dividing the Nagas`, `Integration and solution are inseparable for Nagas`, `Nagas will judge the GOI/Indian leaders by their actions and not by words`, `We want early solution`, `Abandon repressive solutions`, `Down with anti-solution forces`, `A change of tone is not a change of policy,` etc.

It is worth mentioning that the ongoing ceasefire between the Indian government and the NSCN(IM) is due to expire on January 31, 2006, though talks are expected within the next few days for extension of the ceasefire.

People present at the rally strongly condemned the Indian government’s repressive policy towards the Nagas, and also warned that the government of India must heal the wounds it has caused the Nagas.

Source: Kangla Online