Dec 30, 2005

Ahwaz: Ahwazi Arabs Executed

The Iranian IRNA news agency reported on December 28 the public hangings of two men in Ahwaz, Iran. The two had been condemned to death on charges of warring against God by the Ahwaz Revolutionary Court.
Two Arabs were executed in Ahwaz City, according to reports by Iranian news agencies on Wednesday.

It is unclear what crimes the men were accused of committing, with one source suggesting they had been found guilty of armed robbery and another of "waging war on God", which usually constitutes opposing the Islamic Republic.

The men were identified only by their first names: Naeem-Abdollah and Jaleel. Their names are not known to the British Ahwazi Friendship Society, which has helped to highlight a number of cases involving Ahwazis detained by the authorities. However, hundreds of Ahwazis have been arrested in recent months and their relatives have been unable or unwilling to give the names of detainees to human rights organisations.

Source: Ahwazi Friendship Society