Oct 20, 2005

West Balochistan: Appeal to the International Community by BPP

The Balochistan People's Party (BPP) appeals to the international community to address the situation for the Baloch people who endure oppression and continuous harassment
The Balochistan People's Party (BPP) appeals to the international community to address the situation for the Baloch people who endure oppression and continuous harassment.

Appeal by the BPP

For more than half a century Political oppression, economical and social injustice against Baloch people has been institutionalised in Pakistan and Iran. Since the division and forceful annexation of Balochistan, Baloch people have been struggling to defend their rights in both sides.

Balochs in Pakistan are continuously being harrassed and suffering from the Military Rulers, where Pakistan's military brutal operations have always aimed to punish Baloch people collectively. On 17 March 2005, in Dera Bugti of Balochistan, 70 innocent Balochs, including children, elderly men and women, were killed and more than 200 were injured by Pakistani Armed forces.

On 25 March 2005, BSO (Baloch Students Organization) organized a peaceful protest in port city of Karachi against Baloch killings in Dera Bugti. After the rally local police and security forces arrested and took to an unknown place several members of BSO, including:

- Dr. Imdad Baloch (chairman of BSO)
- Dr. Allah Nazar (former Chairman of BSO)
- Dr. Yousuf Baloch (Press Secretary of BSO)
- Ghulam Rasool (member of Central Committee of BSO)
- Dr. Naseem Baloch (ex- member Central Committee of BSO)
- Ali Nawaz
- Akhtar Nadeem

After a long and tiring national & international campaign, in May 2005, four of them were released including Dr. Imdad Baloch. They reported torture, degrading treatment and detention in isolation cells. The condition of one of the captives, Dr. Allah Nazar is particularly grave due to brutal torture which has partially paralyzed him. On 03 October 2005, after having tried all legal channels, the disappointed BSO Chairman Dr. Imdad Baloch decided to go on Hunger Strike unto Death unless Dr. Allah Nazar and all other Political detainees were released.

While world attention focuses on the earthquake disaster in Kashmir, Pakistan’s military establishment is taking advantage of the situation to kidnap, arrest and imprison Baloch political workers. On the 14 October 2005 Pakistani Secutiry Forces ISI arrested Mr. Yousuf Baloch (Press Secretary for BSO United), and his whereabouts are since then unknown.

We would like to draw your attention to the suffering of Ali Asghar Bangulzahi who is referred to by a Amnesty International report; “a tailor with eight children "disappeared" following his arrest in 2001. He is not a member of any political party but is the uncle of Dr. Imdad Baloch, Chairman of Baloch Students Organization (BSO); a group that advocates the peaceful struggle for the rights of the Baloch people. He has been harassed, tortured and ill-treated by the security forces. His life is in grave danger after his family publicly demanded justice for him.”

Balochistan People's Party appeals to the international community

1-To put diplomatic pressure on the Pakistani state to stop human rights violations and release Dr Allah Nazar and other political prisoners, to prevent a tragic outcome of Dr Imdad Baloch and Hammal Baloch who are on hunger strike unto Death in front of Karachi press Club and Turbat respectively. The situation for the hunger strikers is deteriorating by the hour but they are refusing to end it because in their opinion hunger strike and death is much easier to tolerate than the situation their friends endure in Pakistan’s Prisons.

2-In order to highlight the situation and suffering of Baloch People in Pakistan, and Balochistan Students organisation's peaceful protest, we request the international Human Right Organisations to send a fact finding delegation to put pressure on Pakistan’s military junta to stop its military operation in Balochistan, and start negotiation with Baloch people’s popular political representatives to settle the situation through peaceful means.

Nasser Boladai
[email protected]
Spokesperson for
Balochistan People’s Party (www.ostomaan.org)