Sep 27, 2005

West Balochistan: Increased Presence and Activities of Intelligence and Military Forces of the Islam

According to a report of the Balochistan Peoples Party's conference held in the late August 2005 about the recent political and social situation in Western Balochistan in Iran the political oppression and security situation is worsening
By Nasser Boladai

Balochistan Peoples Party's conference held in the late August 2005 had a report about the recent political and social situation in Western Balochistan in Iran. According to the report; due to the Iranian government’s increased intelligence and military presence and activities, the political oppression and security situation is worsening.
The increased Iranian government’s intelligence and security forces presence and activities in the neighbouring countries of Afghanistan and especially in Pakistan where many Baloch activists have taken refuge from persecution have resulted in the increased assassination of Baloch activists inside and outside the country, many times.

In the recent years, Baloch national and cultural self-awareness has increased and the Baloch national struggle for self-determination has gained in strength. Baloch people are demanding to exercise their right of autonomy as a nation, and to have a role to rule and conduct political, social and economical aspect of their life in Balochistan.

Since Balochistan has become a member of UNPO , an organisation committed to giving a voice to unrepresented peoples and nations in the international community, the Iranian government has increased its security activities against Baloch abroad.

In a press conference, the revolutionary Guards commanders blamed Baloch resistance for siding with the Americans against the Islamic regime. Iran's secret police forces, emboldened by a widening crackdown on dissent at home, have resumed hunting and killing dissidents abroad. On Feb. 7, three asylum seekers were attacked by Iranian regime’s terrorists in Quetta in Eastern Balochistan in Pakistan. One of them was killed and two of them miraculously escaped from certain death.

In the early September the newly installed chief of police Force said “the slightest disturbance that happens in society can turn into an international affair, so the response by the State Security Forces must be extremely fast and accurate”. Many experts said that he was referring to protests in several cities in Ahwaz (Khuzistan), Balochistan and Kurdistan home to Arab, Baloch and Kurds .

Since then, the military operations against Baloch civilians have increased. In the beginning of September two brothers were arrested and later shot dead in the open market because they did not reveal the whereabouts of their other brother in a small village in the western Balochistan.

Mr Safar Harnadi, the Commander of revolutionary Corps in Balochsitan and its neighbouring province of Hormozgan was the mastermind of killing and disappearance of many Baloch activists in the two provinces . Now in president Ahmadinezhad’s government, he is chosen as the Minister for the Islamic Guidance. In this position as an extremist Shi’a he will try to assimilate Baloch into Persian identity thereby removing the Baloch culture and identity from existence.

The newly installed governor in Balochistan, Mr Habibullah Dahmardeh, in his previous job as the Vice-chancellor of the Balochistan University was famous for his activities against Baloch intellectuals. He cleansed Baloch intellectuals from Balochistan University and then was given another mission to another university to continue his endeavour .

We ask the international community to pressurise the Iranian Government to release all political prisoners, decrease its military presence in Balochistan, listen, and accept Baloch demands for autonomy, political participation, a share of the areas natural resources and equal treatment in jobs market and other opportunities.

Source: Balochistan Peoples Party