Sep 06, 2005

Taiwan: RP Bucks for Bid for UN Seat

The Philippines has turned down Taiwans request for an endorsement on its application for a full-nation status in the United Nations
The Philippines has turned down Taiwan’s request for an endorsement on its application for a full-nation status in the United Nations.

Foreign Affairs Secretary Alberto Romulo said the Philippines, in its capacity as chairman of the UN Security Council, still adheres to the One-China policy which recognizes Taiwan as a renegade province of Beijing.

“That should not even be asked of us by Taiwan. China is an important ally and we follow the One-China policy,” Romulo said in an interview.

The DFA chief made the statement in response to an open letter from the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Manila urging the Philippines to support the bid to enter the UN and be recognized as a separate country from China.

“The China that is recognized by the United Nations is not Taiwan but Beijing. Even the United States follows the One-China policy.”

Taiwan intends to use this month’s UN General Assembly in New York where UN reforms will be discussed to intensify their bid for a slot in the international grouping.

Taipei has presented two draft resolutions to the UN — one calling for greater representation and the other, seeking recognition as an entity separate from Beijing — which has gained the support of at least 10 member-states.

Earlier, Romulo rejected Taiwan’s proposed entry to the East Asia Summit to be held in Kuala Lumpur in December, saying the Philippines does not recognize Taipei as a dialogue partner.

Romulo explained that one of the requirements for entry to the EAS is accession to the Treaty of Amity and Cooperation of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations which can only be done by nations and not provinces like Taiwan.

Despite this absence of established diplomatic relations with the Philippines, Taipei is among the country’s top five foreign investors with trade volume amounting to some $1.2 billion in 2003.

Source: Manila Standard Today