Jul 18, 2005

Tibet Represented in the 20th International Cultures Parade in New York

The Annual International culture parade in New York is the only multicultural parade that showcase Americas different ethnic background.
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Coordinated by the Regional Tibetan Women's Association of New York and New Jersey (RTWA, NY & NJ) with support of Tibetan Association of NY &NJ and Regional Tibetan Youth Congress, cholsum dance troop, the Tibetans for the third year in a row participated in the 20th Annual International Cultures Parade, which was held on July 16, 2005. The parade in large is organized and sponsored by the International Immigrants Foundation, A Non – Governmental Organization at the United Nations.

Tibetans proudly showed to the world that Tibet was once an Independent nation with rich cultural heritage. This year choelsum dance group performed Tashi Shoepa and Yak dance on Avenues of America in New York. Thousands of American spectators were delighted to see yak dance and Tashi Shoepa from “Roof of the World”.

The Tibet Contingent was lead by two beautiful Tibetan girls carrying plaque displaying "International Immigrants Foundation presents Tibet" which was given by the organizers. Followed by pickup truck carrying a framed picture of His Holiness the Dalai Lama with a flag of the United States and Tibet along each side. The truck was decorated with Tibetan and American flags carrying the sound system and Tibetan Buddhist monks. Next came a throne of His Holiness carried by handsome Tibetan men dressed in chupa, followed by huge National flag of Tibet which was carried by proud eight Tibetans; Tibet's bright flag was a sight to see for everyone. Followed by the famous Tibetan Yak dance. All the American spectators enjoyed unique yak dance and lot of pictures were taken. Then followed by Tashi Shoepa and Gorshe dance performed by Gorsha Kidu,which showed case Tibetan’s unique dance. Next were few leaders of Tibetan Community and marching along with these prominent figures were Tibetans dressed in colorful national dress proudly carrying Tibetan and American flags. Everyone had good time. Americans were clapping their hands as we marched and encouraging words shouted, like “We love you Tibet”, and “Free Tibet”

The Annual International culture parade in New York is the only multicultural parade that showcase America’s different ethnic background. It is “immigrant’s great parade”. Along with Tibetans there were great other nations like India, South Korea, Japan, Spain, Peru, Mexico, Argentina, Pakistan, Ukraine, Cortai, Taiwan, Thailand, Morocco, Egypt, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Jamaica, Panama, Cost Rica and many more showed case their rich cultural heritage.

Regional Tibetan Women’s Association would like to thank all the Tibetans who participated in the parade, and our thanks goes to Tibetan Association of NY & NJ, Regional Tibetan Youth Congress, cholsum Dance Group, who helped us tremendously. Gorsha Association ladies wore traditional dress. RTWA of NY&NJ’s special thank you goes to Mr.Wangal la of cholsum dance group who helped us tirelessly, he provide us music system and let us use the costume. And also we will never forget to thank Kusho Sonam Wangdhu and Tashi Wangdu, despite the hot humid weather, they performed yak dance, which made the parade more unique to watch for the spectators.

Source: Phayul