Jul 08, 2005

Ahwazi Arabs in London Condemn Bomb Attacks

Ahwazi Arabs living in London have expressed their shock and dismay over the bomb attacks on the city
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London is home to 2,000-3,000 Ahwazi Arabs, many of whom have been given sanctuary by the British government after fleeing tyranny and oppression in Iran. The British capital is their second home and a place of refuge.

Nasser Ban-Assad, spokesman of the British Ahwazi Friendship Society and a London resident, said: "The bombers do not represent the Arab people, either in the Arab world or the Arab diaspora. We reject all violence, particularly violence against civilians. An injury to one is an injury to all. London's Arab community is as affected as anyone else by the attacks. The terrorists have attacked people indiscriminately, whatever their background, ideology, religion or ethnicity. The Ahwazi Arabs stand united with the people of London and the UK against terrorism, in all its forms and wherever it occurs."


Source: British Ahwazi Friendship Society