Jul 06, 2005

Balochistan People's Party Appeals to International Community

The Iranian regime is destroying thousand of poor peoples homes in Chahbhar, a port city in Balochistan, to make place for a new base and residence area for Iranian security forces
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Balochistan is a geopolitically important location in the region. Since its occupation, both Iranian tyrant regimes (Pahlavis and the current Mullahs) have employed the policy of tightening their control by increasingly the presence of their security forces in Balochistan.

At the same time, implementing their discriminating policies and denying the Human Rights to Baloch people in Balochistan, have caused their social and economic condition to be in an appalling state.

Iranian Governments since their occupation of Balochistan have organized and continued a systematic, state sponsored programme and policies, aiming to change the balance of the population and derive Baloch Nation to a minority in their own homeland.

Among many inhumane policies is the destruction of poor Baloch people's home in Balochistan and displacing them into rural area in order to provide the best located land to the none Baloch specifically Security Forces which are brought in, to fulfil their chauvinistic policies.

Through reliable sources, we learned that regime is destroying thousand of poor people’s homes in an area covering many kilometres in recent weeks in Chahbhar a port city in Balochistan, to make place for a new base and residence area for Iranian security forces without compensating / providing alternative accommodation to poor families with children for the destruction of their livelihoods. This news later appeared in the Regimes own media too.

In the attempts to drive poor families out of their homes, Iranian regime's security forces like any other occupying forces used unnecessary violence against civilians. Baloch People in Chahbhar have defended and resisted the destruction of their home and livelihood which consequently one person have been killed and many other have been injured. According to our sources, many arrested and so many people are under persecution, thousands have been made homeless.

Like any other oppressive regime, Iranian authorities have justified this action by saying that those people did not have had the legal document and permission to construct their homes.

This claim is absurd since these people have been living there for generations where nobody has asked them for legal documents. The government instead of providing better accommodation uses this pretext to drive them out of their ancestral home and making them homeless.

We appeal to human right and international organization to condemn Iranian government inhumane action, military operation in Balochistan and pressurize it to stop assimilation policies in the Balochistan. International community should help Baloch people struggle for their National Self Determination, cultural and national rights in Iran. We appeal to international community to send a fact-finding mission headed by the United Nations to investigate Iranian government’s atrocities and human right abuses in Balochistan.

Balochistan People's Party