Jun 29, 2005

UNPO and NF-Board to Organize a Football World Cup for Unrepresented Nations and Peoples

UNPO members will be facilitate in gaining "provisional membership" in the NF-Board, the international football federation for countries not admitted in the FIFA
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Texte of the Common Declaration of the UNPO General Secretariat and N.F.-Board Representatives

The Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization and the N. F.-Board, having met in The Hague (The Netherlands) on 24, June, 2005, have adopted the common following declaration:

1- The rights for the Peoples to participate to sports events is a base for an international democratic community respectful of all diversities, in accordance with Pierre de Coubertin “the important is to take part!” spirit;

2- Sport and sporting competitions are one of the main fields of intercultural dialog out of any political context;

3- Sport can bring together Young Generations from all Nations and Peoples, facilitating an intergenerational dialog and the transmission of cultural identities;

4- Sports activities, because of their capacity to catch the attention of medias, are a chance for U& Unrepresented Peoples claims and for cultural diversity;

Therefore, the UNPO and the N.F.-Board involve themselves, trhough their respective fields of action, so as :

a) To permit the access to sport events for all Nations and Peoples unrepresented in the International Community;

b) To work in cooperation to organize a Football World Cup for Nations and Peoples non-affiliated to the international sport institutions;

c) To promote a vision of sport made of share, brotherhood and participation, which is the only original spirit of sport.

d) To help to the creation and the development of Indigenous Autonomous Football Federations for UNPO member Nations.

e) To develop partnerships for more fruitful fund-raising.

f) To simplify the affiliation procedure to N.F.-Board for UNPO Members federations, in the respect of N.F.-Board Rules and Covenant. The written demand of such a federation would give automatically the status of “Provisional Member”

This Common Declaration is the preliminary statement to further specifics agreements that can be established later between both parties.

The Hague, 24 June 2005.

For more information please visit the NF-Board website at www.nf-board.com