Jun 01, 2005

Ogoni to Start Talks with Nigerian Government

After the appointment of a federal facilitator, Ogoni representatives are willing to continue talks if the attitude of the Government of Nigeria will be honest, credible and transparent
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Press statement of the Movement for the Survival of Ogoni People (MOSOP)

“We welcome the efforts being by the Federal government through the announcement of a facilitator for a planned dialogue with the Ogoni people which we hope will be sincere and will recognize the need to redress abuses which have affected every village in Ogoni.”

“It is critical that people do not misinterpret a willingness to talk as anything more than a first step. We have consistently said that we are willing to talk if the process is honest, credible and transparent and we do want to hear what the Federal government and Shell have to say about redressing the damage which has been done to Ogoni and her people”

“We reiterate our support for an approach whereby rules of good conduct for the parties will be clearly spelt out by the facilitators and no outcomes presumed. We will continue to consult with our grassroots at every stage of any discussion which results from today’s announcement. MOSOP also hopes the process will allow the Ogoni people to also nominate those to assist the facilitating process. ”

“We hope also that today’s announcement will signal a renewed commitment on the part of the Federal government to engage with groups and communities who have persistently sought to raise grievances in a peaceful manner.”