Feb 21, 2001

The Hague: Contact Group Human Rights and Southeast Asia

On February 20, 2001, two staff members, Jeroen Zandberg and Paul Willemsen, represented UNPO at a meeting of the Contact Group Human Rights and South-East Asia, held at the Dutch parliament building. Representatives of human rights organizations and members of the Dutch Parliament met to discuss the human rights situation in Indonesia and Bhutan, as well as to exchange views on the Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs’ decision to cancel his visit to China. UNPO expressed its concern about the role of the Indonesian government with regard to the grave human rights violations in, amongst other, Acheh and the Moluccas, as well as the political situation in East Timor and West-Papua. The participants generally welcomed Minister Van Aartsen’s decision to cancel his visit to China following the latter’s refusal to arrange for a meeting with Falun Gong representatives in Hong Kong. The meeting has provided a good opportunity for UNPO to inform Dutch Members of Parliament of its views regarding the above trouble spots in South-East Asia.