May 13, 2005

Iraqi Turkmen Representatives in Europe Meet in Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Press Release from the Iraqi Turkmen Human Rights Research Foundation (SOITM)
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Press Release from the Iraqi Turkmen Human Rights Research Foundation (SOITM)

Iraqi Turkmen Human Rights Research Foundation (SOITM) organized a two days conference on 7 and 8 May 2005 in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. It was attended by the Turkmen Human Rights Committees and intellectuals from Ireland, England, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands and Sweden. Three issues were analysed:

- The present situation of communication between the Turkmen representatives.
The best way of improving the inter-communications among the Turkmen organizations towards introducing the Turkmen cause to the world.

- The activities which these organizations achieved until now.
Determination of best way to approach (lobby) politicians.

- Preparation of a document describing the Turkmen’s history in Iraq, the discriminations they suffered since the constitution of the Iraqi state after WW1, their struggle to be recognized as Iraq’s third main ethnic community with rights equal to those given to Iraqi Arabs and Kurds in the new Iraqi constitution. This document will be used to enlighten the European political parties and the European Parliament about the Turkmen’s plight and invite them to take responsibilities in the upcoming Iraqi General Election in order to avoid manipulations and irregularities such as those which took place in the north of Iraq during the 30th January 2005 election.

On the second day of the conference a presentation was made - in the conference hall of Belvior Hotel at 3 pm - detailing the manipulations in the preceding Iraqi General Election. The topics were as follows:

- Turkmen of Iraq: Historical background, Demography and Population, by: Sheth Jerjis, Chairman of the Iraqi Turkmen Human Rights Research Foundation (SOITM) - the Netherlands.
- Political Situation, by: Mofak Salman, Chairman of Turkmen National Action Front (TNAF) - Ireland.
- Major Election Irregularities and Improper Statistics, by: Sheth Jerjis
- Malpractises in the Election, by: Ayoub Bazzaz, Chairman of the Iraqi Turkmen Rights Advocating Committee (ITRAC) - United Kingdom
- Responsibilities of the International community to avoid manipulations in the upcoming election, by: Hassan Aydenly, President of the Committee for the Defence of the Iraqi Turkmen Rights (CDITR) - Belgium.

This presentation was followed by a Press Conference at 5 pm during which questions were asked and answered.