May 10, 2005

Crimean Tatars: Yushchenko to Return Stolen Land

Ukrainian President Yushchenko supports saving Crimean Parks and wildlife reserves and returning stolen land
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KYIV - President Viktor Yushchenko and his wife Kateryna together with their children visited the zoo in Yalta on Thursday. In a conversation with journalists Yushchenko said he is in a great mood, loves the weather and savors every minute he spends in Crimea with his family.

Yushchenko confided that he is in love with Crimea and regards it as one of the best places in the world. "The view, the flora here in Crimea never ceases to amaze our family," - the press-service cites the President as saying. The head of the state is confident that this short holiday on the peninsula will fill him with energy and strength.

Yushchenko assured that he will do everything he can "in order to save Crimean parks and wildlife reserves and to return to the people of Crimea all the land which was stolen from them." "When I see the beautiful Crimean nature, I feel very happy as a human being, but as a president I remember of all the violations that were going on here," - Yushchenko noted, adding that all the questions about illegal land grabs in Crimea will be dealt with soon.

When asked whether Yalta will remain "the southern capital", Yushchenko said "Definitely, but not in the same way as during the old government's reign." From now on, according to the country's leader, a visit of the president, parliamentary speaker, prime minister or any other official will not be accompanied by holding up of traffic while the motorcades pass, and other inconveniences for ordinary Crimean's. "We respect Crimea and we love Crimeans," - he added. (Translated by Igor Solovey)

Source: Ukrayinska Pravda