Apr 12, 2005

Ogoni: Abuse of Agip Shanty Town Residents

Human Rights groups call for the State government and Police to show that the people there enjoy at least the same basic rights as other citizens
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Human Rights groups in Port Harcourt are appalled at the latest assault on members of the Agip waterside shanty town and have called for the State government and Police to act immediately to show that people there enjoy at least the same basic rights as other citizens.

“WE have previously complained about the demolition of the houses of people with no resources without any compensation or consideration of their rights. Now these people are being harassed both by violent armed youths and apparently by the Police.,” said Anyakwe Nsiromovu , Institute for Human Rights and Humanitarian Law

“Our investigations so far have confirmed that one person was killed on Saturday night in what appears to have been a violent raid on the community. One other person suffered serious gunshot wounds and others were wounded with machetes. This attack and the threats made and the fact that the body of the dead youth has been left on the roadside of the community has caused a mass exodus from the waterside area.”

“Worse still we are receiving reports that the Police have been arresting residents since Sunday without giving any reason or explanation. Rather than protecting the safety of the people,Police actions are worsening fears and trauma in an already devastated community.”

“We are calling on the new Commissioner of Police to show that the new commitment to integrity and service has meaning. We want the Police to provide security and not harassment to residents and to act immediately to protect them from further harassment and explain the reason for the apparently random arrests we have had reported to us.”

“We are calling on the State government to explain why it continues to ignore the rights of long term occupants and why there has been absolutely no compensation or assistance to people forced from their homes by the State government.”


Anyakwe Nsirimovu, Institute for Human Rights and Humanitarian Law(IHRHL)

Patrick Naagbanton, NDPEHRD

Bari ara Kpalap, Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People(MOSOP)