Jul 11, 2001

UNPO partnership of the newly founded Asia Democratic Forum

A new organisation, the Asia Democratic Forum, was established and presented at a press conference held at the European Parliament in Strasbourg on July 10, 2001. Mr Olivier Dupuis, General Secretary of the Transnational Radical Party, and a member of the European Parliament, both initiated the establishment and announcement of the Asia Democratic Forum. Two members of the UNPO, namely Tibet and Eastern Turkestan, are founding members of this organisation. Representatives of Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar also participated. The prime objective of the Asia Democratic Forum is to strive for the democratisation of totalitarian systems in Asia through peaceful means. Mr Alptekin said that although Eastern Turkestan shares the same pillow with the co-founders of this organisation, yet the former has a different dream. The Uighur people are struggling for self-determination.