Mar 28, 2005

Oromo: Attack on Government Troups in Western Ethiopia

Oromo Liberation Army, operating in western Oromia, has attacked and scored victories against Ethiopian forces
Oromo Liberation Army (OLA), armed wing of Oromo Liberation Front, (OLF) operating in western Oromia, western Ethiopia - eastern Sudan, has attacked and scored victories against Ethiopian forces.

On 15 March 2005 OLA elements killed over four Ethiopian army soldiers and wounded over five others at a place called Gara Kuri in the district of Gidami, the Ethiopian opposition radio Voice of Oromo Liberation has said.

Arms and other material were captured in the fighting and converted into tools of liberation.

Following the OLA attack, Ethiopian soldiers fled in different directions. The commander said that reinforced governmental forces later launched a counterattack but OLA fighters thwarted the attempt.

On 20 March a combined force of OLA defeated Ethiopian troops in Gara Kuri during a nocturnal fighting, killing many soldiers and wounding others.

It is to be recalled that the Ethiopian government launched a military campaign to destroy OLA operating in western Oromia but OLA is resisting the offensive with valour, the rebel radio said.

Source: Sudan Tribune