Dec 02, 2022

UNPO participates alongside its members in the XVth UN Minority Forum Session

On Thursday 1st December 2022, the XVth United Nations Forum on Minority Issues took place in Geneva. The Forum is an opportunity for UNPO and its members, alongside many other minority rights and indigenous populations activists, to be heard at the international diplomatic stage. 

Several topics were up for discussion during the Minority Forum, including the role of minority rights defenders in promoting the principles of the Declaration on the Rights of Persons Belonging to National or Ethnic, Religious and Linguistic Minorities at the United Nations.  

Speeches were made by various international law and minority rights experts ranging from Hazaras in Afghanistan to indigenous groups in South America.

As with each Minority Forum, NGOs including UNPO and its constituent members were given the floor. 

Alongside this UNPO has been working on an upcoming report with our partners at University of Oxford on the use of the concept of self-determination in the UN Minority Forum throughout its history.

See our contribution to the Minority Forum here below :