Mar 08, 2022

UNPO Joins Call With Partners For Iran To Release Kazem Hooth

UNPO is working with its international partners to gather petitions for the release of Kazem Hooth, a 20-year-old Baloch environmental activist and documentary maker from Nalhent in Dashtyari, West Balochistan. He was kidnapped by intelligence forces linked to the Iran Revolutionary Guards.

Hooth was very active on social media platforms, raising awareness of the deliberate environmental degradation caused by the regime’s policies. He was also vocal about the plight of the Baloch people in his region, expressing his views via short video clips.

Iran’s regime regularly engages in developmental projects that harm the immediate environment and living conditions of local peoples. The construction of “ghost barrages” under the pretext of electricity production have led to many droughts in regions such as West Balochistan. Activists like Mr Hooth who raise awareness of these issues are often imprisoned with no contact with their family until an arbitrary release - if they are lucky enough to be released. 

Enforced disapearances are indeed widespread in the dictatorship, with the IRGC the chief pepratrator as many of their senior members also stand to benefit from the ability to launder money through ineffective infrastructural projects. 

UNPO wants the voices of local people to be heard and in partnership with petition platform Daadkhast we are hoping that the petition to release Kazem Hooth can be a catalyst for change in the way the international community perceives these issues.