Mar 02, 2022

Braanz : Read Our February Edition of the Baluch Online Publication in Three Languages

As part of the Braanz project, UNPO is coordinating with Baloch and Farsi speaking writers to contribute to a genuine multilingual Iranian publication. This December edition the editors posted stories and articles in 3 languages. It includes both informational articles and traditional Baloch tales translated into English and Farsi.

The translation of “The Two Friends” by Leo Tolstoy, is an attempt by Karim Baluch to introduce popular stories originally in a foreign language to the Baluchi readers.

In the Role of Baluch Women in the music of Baluchistan, Balatch Baluch looks into the how women have shaped the Baluch musical scene. Generations of Baluchi musical traditions are passed on and inspire the latest one thanks to the voice of women.

In ManoFarsi (Farsi and I), what is it about? The author examines the Farsi and I social movement concerning the chronic lack of understanding for non-Farsi speakers in Iran and how it affects their relationship with Persian identity.

The Hidden Shades of the Light tells the story of a young man and his companion, a hunter, walking through the desert. The story is a traditional Baluch tale with a surprising twist at the end.