Feb 01, 2022

Braanz News : Read Braanz's January articles in Balochi, Farsi and English

As part of the Braanz project, UNPO is coordinating with Baloch and Farsi speaking writers to contribute to a genuine multilingual Iranian publication. This December edition the editors posted stories and articles in 3 languages. It includes both informational articles and traditional Baloch tales translated into English and Farsi.

In Paspaan, Chandan Sach tells the Baluch short story of a child with a mission from their mother to obtain a white pigeon from a wilderness. Through meeting all manner of characters along their journey, the child learns valuable life lessons until tragedy strikes….

In the interview with Dr. Naguman, Mujeeb Wali and Ghani Abdal ask the Balochi fiction writer about Balochi script, the evolution of Balochi litterature and his favorite Balochi pieces of writing. Dr. Naguman is prominent name in the world of Balochi fiction, litterature and linguistics.

The Lion and the Dog is a translation of the famous short story by Russian author Leo Tolstoy into Balochi. The translation of world literature into Balochi is somewhat limited and as part of this series, the Braanz editors are looking to translate some classics into Balochi language.

The Killing of the Mother Tongue and the destruction of development in Iran. (Part II) is the second part of the essay on the issue of linguistic policy and educational development in Iran.