Jan 05, 2022

Braanz : Read Latest Articles About Baloch Embroidery, Children In West Balochistan And More

As part of the Braanz project, UNPO is coordinating with Baloch and Farsi speaking writers to contribute to a genuine multilingual Iranian publication. This December edition the editors posted stories and articles in 3 languages. It includes both informational articles and traditional Baloch tales translated into English and Farsi.

The Noble Dispossessed tackles the issue of child poverty and limited opportunities in West Balochistan society for children to develop. Through the story of Shirdel, a Baluch boy, the article displays the day to day struggles that a child in West Balochistan may face due to cultural and economic hardships.

Society : A Stitch in Time looks at how Baluch women artisans maintain the embroidery business despite the challenges such as low wages and having to support large families. The motifs used in Balochi embroidery are inspired by art on pottery dating back almost 11,000, and the artisans maintain this tradition to this day.

The first part of the Killing of the Mother Tongue and Destruction of Development in Iran is an opinion piece on the errors the Iranian regime caused by suppressing mother tongues of non-Farsi speaking communities in childhood development. It demonstrates the difficulties of having to switch from the mother toungue to Farsi at the entry of school, and traces back the errors in economic development that led the Iranian economy to stagnate.