Dec 08, 2021

Braanz : Read Latest Articles Including Baloch Folk Tales and the Baluch language in Awaran

As part of the Braanz project, UNPO is coordinating with Baloch and Farsi speaking writers to show off a multilingual Iranian publication. This November edition we posted some stories and articles in 3 languages. It includes both informational articles and traditional Baloch tales translated into English and Farsi.

“The Dog” is a story about about a boy, Babol, suffering from the manipulation and repression of his step-father. Since his step-father married his mother, Babol has not had a healthy relationship, but finds an unlikely savior when confronted by his step-father a final time.

“From Symbolic Representatives to Critical Actors” looks again at the role of women in Baloch society and the gender gap. It analyzes how the gender gap is analyzed in West Balochistan. It also looks at the role of Baloch women activists in both Pakistan and Iran and how they are perceived as political actors.

“Awaran moves on” looks at the role of the Baloch language in villages like Lanjar and the Awaran region as a whole. It follows the stories of teachers and students and their struggles to learn their mother tongue in educational institutions.

“Lali and Bilal” tells a traditional Baloch love story as a man grapples with the seemingly impossible task to betroth his love.