Oct 26, 2021

Iran : UNPO Joint Submission To Special Rapporteur on Human Rights

UNPO, together with its core partner organizations, the Kurdistan Human Rights Association Geneva, the Baluchistan Human Rights Group, and the Ahwaz Human Rights Organization, have jointly submitted updates on the human rights situation in Iran to the UN Special Rapporteur for Human Rights in Iran, Javaid Rehman. The report covered multiple aspects of the human rights abuses in Iran that minorities suffer, such as arbitrary killings and executions, arbitrary detention and disappearances, as well as standards of living and freedom of assembly and opinion.


photo by wallpaperflair.com

In our report, covering updates since June 2021, we detailed the increase in executions and killings by the regime. For example, we reported on the recent protests in several cities in Khuzestan (Ahwaz) due to the water management policies of the central government, and the brutal response by the central government. We also mentioned the increase in executions of Baloch and Kurdish citizens with some 39 Baloch citizens victims of execution, and 56 Kurds since June 2021.

Attacks on freedom of opinion, expression and peaceful assembly were also addressed. We noted Iran’s continuing harassment and intimidation of people who dare speak out against political injustices, hold different religious denominations or criticize poor central government management of resources such as water in Khuzestan. Sunni clerics are often imprisoned in Baluchistan in a blatant sectarian push by the government.

Also brought up were the general living standards of minorities and the discrimination they face with regard to utilities and public spaces. This includes the disparities in employment rates between minorities and Persians and the presence of land mines, unaddressed by the government, in Khuzestan and Iranian Kurdistan provinces. The BHRG also noted housing problems affecting Baloch minorities in Iran, with houses being destroyed to make way for mining projects in the Sefidak area.

This overall paints a concerning evolution for human rights in Iran when it comes to minority groups. The Ahwaz, Kurdish and Baloch, alongside fellow UNPO members the Azeris in Iran, all support greater respect for the most basic human rights in Iran. By submitting this report, UNPO and its partners hope to bring to attention the plight of minorities in the Islamic Republic and continue international pressure on Iran to address this.


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