Oct 08, 2021

UNPO response to "Tigray Crisis in Ethiopia "EU Resolution

(Photo: via Ethiopia Insight)


The Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organisation (UNPO)welcomes the European Parliament’s resolution on Tigray relating to the struggles of all ethnic groups in Ethiopia.


Thanks to UNPO and its partners’ advocacy, the EU Parliament passed a resolution that included paragraphs relating to the long term stability and security of the peoples of Ethiopia no matter what their language, ethnicity or where they are located. We believe this is only achieved through the setting up of internationally-supervised courts and reconciliation committees addressing the acts that caused the current crisis in the first place, under the EPRDF from 1991-2018, and even the Derg before that. As a reminder, Ethiopia has yet to ratify the Rome Statute establishing the International Criminal Court in its modern form.

UNPO and its partners raised serious concerns about the lack of light shone upon the atrocities in other regions of Ethiopia such as Oromia , whilst not wishing to downplay the Tigray crisis. That is why we advocated for clauses in the European Parliament’s resolution looking for an international response to resolve Ethiopia’s political crisis as a whole and respect the initial, constitutional commitment to self-determination of all Ethiopian-based peoples. UNPO has been instrumental in gathering different representatives of Ethiopia’s ethnic communities together in the past and will continue to strive towards this goal, as we campaign for self-determination as measure for peace.

Specific clauses in the Resolution that UNPO advocated for included a call for Ethiopia to ratify the Rome Statutes and a broadening of the crisis to the Ethiopian level, so that a political end to the solution would include all ethnic groups.


You may find the full resolution in the sidebar.