Apr 27, 2020

Coronavirus: Guam Supports Taiwan's Participation at WHO

The US territory of Guam has recently issued a resolution in support of Taiwan's participation at the World Health Organisation (WHO) and "commending them for their successful response to the COVID-19 pandemic." Referring to Taiwan's commitment to freedom and democracy, as well as its being a longlasting friend and ally of the US, the declaration emphasised that "the freedom and democracy enjoyed by the people of the Republic of China (Taiwan) are clearly demonstrated in the progress and growth of the economy of this great country." Moreover, in the resolution the Legislature of Guam concludes that the "people of Taiwan deserve the same level of public health as citizens of every nation on earth, and that we support them in their efforts to achieve its objective to become an observer of WHO; and commend them on their response to the COVID-19 pandemic". 

If you would like to read the original resolution, please see it attached. 


Photo: The Taiwanese flag (right) flying aside the flags of the US and Guam (CNA photo)