Apr 15, 2020

Newsletter: West Balochistan

In the latest newsletter of the Balochistan Human Rights Group, human rights abuses against the Baloch people by the Iranian authorities are brought to light. Cases of persecution of Baloch people continue, taking the form of numerous extra-judicial killings of innocent civilians. The Iranian regime continues to foster hatred of the Baloch people. In addition to extra-judicial killings, there are also cases of arbitrary detentions and systematic discrimination against Baloch People, and any protests by the Balochs are met with a strong backlash from the authorities. 

The Iranian regime continues to violate human rights in Balochistan and does not take any respite when it comes to oppressing the civil liberties and human rights in Balochistan. Even in the rush of the recent parliamentary elections or the new global health crisis of Covid-19, the security apparatus of the Iranian regime has been committing heinous crimes in Balochistan in broad daylight and with complete impunity.


Photo: View of Zahedan, Balochistan. Credit: Karlos Zurutuza/IPS

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