Mar 27, 2020

The Ambazonia Governing Council welcomes the UN global ceasefire under the strict condition of reciprocity

The Ambazonia Governing Council has issued a Declaration on the responsibility to protect the people of Ambazonia during the Corona virus pandemic. In the Declaration, the Council reiterates the context of the conflict between Cameroon and the Northwest and Southwest Regions, and condemns the violation of the right to self-determination and the right to life by the Cameroun government. While acknowledging the severity of the Corona virus pandemic and the need to contain its spreading, the Ambazonia Governing Council welcomes the UN Secretary General call for an immediate global ceasefire under one condition: the reciprocity of the measure by the Cameroon government. A unilateral ceasefire is deemed too risky as it would “provide Cameroon unhindered access” to Ambazonia.



You can see the full declaration here.