Mar 10, 2020

Tibet: On March 10 Tibetans Demonstrate in the occasion of the 61st Anniversary of the Complete Control of Tibet by the People�¢ï¿½&Atild

On the 10th of March 2020, the UNPO participated at the manifestation which took place in Brussels to commemorate the 61st anniversary of the National Tibetan uprising against Chinese occupation. Lucia Parrucci, EU Representative of the UNPO addressed the crowd to show the organization’s longstanding support to the Tibetan people facing Chinese repression.

The National Tibetan Uprising Day commemorates the 1959 Tibetan uprising against the rule of the Chinese Communist Party in Tibet. Every year on March 10, Tibetan diaspora organises manifestations in cities around the world to raise awareness about the human rights violations committed and still being committed nowadays by the Chinese regime in their homeland, Tibet.

People in Tibet are still being detained for simply expressing their desire of freedom. They are arrested and convicted for peaceful acts, such as waving the Tibetan flag, calling for the return of the Dalai Lama or praying. Many Tibetans are imprisoned on unclear or unspecified charges, and their families are not informed of their whereabouts. Tibetans are also denied access to proper legal support and face trials that do not respect international standards of justice. Besides, Tibetans who are often unrightfully charged with separatism face death penalty.

March 10th is a day that serves as a reminder to all that the spirit of the Tibetans who rose up 60 years ago grows stronger everyday, that a new generation of Tibetans is determined to complete the struggle that began over half a century ago and that a growing global community stands in solidarity with them in their fight to freedom.

The commemoration occur on the same day of the EU’s Statement on ITEM n.4 of the 43rd Session of the Human Rights Council “We also reiterate our call on China to uphold its national and international obligations, and to respect human rights, including the rights of persons belonging to minorities, especially in Xinjiang and Tibet.  The EU urges China to ensure the rule of law, establish fair trial guarantees and to investigate thoroughly reported cases of arbitrary detentions, ill-treatment and torture of human rights defenders and their families. We are gravely concerned about the detentions and trials of human rights defenders, lawyers, and intellectuals, including Tashi Wangchuk, Tiyip Tashpolat”

A strong statement that follow a series of Acts and Bills passed within the U.S. House like the The Tibetan Policy and Support Act of 2019 which lays out a road map for sanctions against Chinese officials who interfere in the Dalai Lama’s succession and requires that the US government reject any applications from Beijing for a new consulate on American soil until the Chinese government allows Washington to build its own diplomatic station in Lhasa, the Tibetan capital.

The UNPO Representative addressed the crowd by calling on the EU and the US to strengthen their effective support toward the Tibetans.

S&D MEP Isabel Santos and Green Belgian MEP Cogolati took part at the demonstration showing their support and by reiterating the importance of keeping the attention within the Institution.