Sep 11, 2019

Tibet: Monthly News - August 2019

Human Rights Situation in Tibet: Monthly News, August 2019


Racial Discrimination Continues: Chinese Tech Firm bars Tibetans & few other “minorities”

In yet another incident of racial discrimination against Tibetans and few other so called ethnic minorities in China, the Chinese firm named Lens Technology barred Tibetans, Uighurs, Mongolians and Sichuanese from applying for jobs. Headquartered in Hunan Province, the tech firm has over 60,000 employees but refuses to employ people belonging to the aforesaid "minorities" in a flagrant display of racial discrimination.


China offers Tibetan Informants over $40,000 for Information on “illegal” Activities"

In an attempt to encourage Tibetans to spy on each other, the Public Security and Communications Department of the so-called Tibet Autonomous Region issued a public notice announcing anonymity and cash rewards to Tibetan informers for information on so called illegal activities. The cash rewards range from $8 to $42,750 depending on the sensitivity of the information. This policy is announced as part of Chinese authorities' attempts to increase the control over Tibetans and Tibet. 


China Demolishes Nearly Half of Yachen Gar Buddhist Complex

The ongoing religious repression of Tibetans by China has gone worse. Chinese authorities demolished nearly half of Yachen Gar Buddhist Complex which is situated in Tibet's Karze region. Over 7,000 Buddhist nuns, monks and practitioners were forcefully evicted since May of this year and within months of their eviction; nearly half of the complex has been razed to ground. In 2016 the Larung Gar Buddhist Academy was demolished and forceful evictions were carried out which continues to even this day.


World Report 2019: China’s Suppression of Tibet Continues

The annual report of Human Rights Watch titled "World Report 2019" states that the human rights situation in Tibet is still not improved as the Tibetans continue to face severe restriction in their religious freedom, speech, movement, and assembly. The report also expressed the growing concern against large scale unapproved mining. Moreover, all networks of communication are put under intensified scrutiny.


China’s High-Tech Repression of Tibetans: New “Social Security Card” for Tibetans

China has intensified distribution of new social security card to Tibetans aimed at exercising more control over Tibetans. The card gives access to wide range of facilities including banking, welfare, medical services etc. which will be cut off to those Tibetans whom China arbitrarily deems to be disloyal based on the social credit system.


One Tibetan Monk Sentenced to Four Years Imprisonment While Two Others are Under Enforced Disappearance

A Tibetan monk from Kirti monastery, situated in Tibet's Ngaba region, who was arrested last year has now been sentenced to four years imprisonment. However, there is no information available about the charges or reasons for his arrests. Meanwhile two other monks who were taken into custody earlier are missing with no information available about their whereabouts.


Chinese Authorities Detain Tibetan on Suspicion of Sharing Picture of Dalai Lama on Social Media

Rinso, aged around 50, resident of Dzoege County's Thanagkor village in Sichuan Province, was detained for over a week on the suspicion of him sharing picture of His Holiness the Dalai Lama on the Chinese social media platform WeChat. He was later released without any clarification. His physical condition remains unknown.


Tibetan Language Rights Advocate Continues to be Denied Lawyer’s Visitation in Prison

Tashi Wangchuk, the Tibetan language rights advocate, who is serving his sentence in Chinese prison continues to be denied of his right to meet his lawyer. This year marks his third year behind the bars. He arrested and later sentenced for requesting for protection of Tibetan language, which is a enshrined in the Chinese Constitution.



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