Jul 26, 2019

Hmong: Suffering of the Hmong Highlighted During Captive Nations Summit

On 15 July 2019, the Captive Nations Summit was held in Washington D.C. to recognize peoples suffering under the oppression of communist and other totalitarian regimes. It provided US policy-makers and human rights advocates with the opportunity to hear about the first-hand experiences of victims of such regimes.  On the occasion of this year’s Captive Nations Summit, Gymbay Moua, representative of UNPO member the Congress of World Hmong People (CWHP) participated to address the desperate human rights situation of the Hmong people under the communist regime in Laos.

Mr Moua raised the fact that the Hmong people have been targets of government oppression, discrimination and extreme violence ever since the end of the Vietnam war in 1973. Violating the Paris Peace Accord, the war against the Hmong continues well into the 21st century, he said. Next to addressing the extremely marginalized position of Hmong people in Laos, Mr Moua shared multiple cases of direct violence against the Hmong.

All these cases were testimonies of the extreme violence that the Hmong are suffering from, often perpetrated by the Laotian military. Mr Moua stated that thousands of Hmong have been the victim of abuses such as arbitrary detentions, killings and torture. The situation of Hmong women continues to be alarming as well, as many cases that Mr Moua shared often included rape and sexual slavery. Moreover, since 2018 the Laotian military has initiated an extensive military incursion in the Phou Bia region, which he said was part of a governmental campaign that seeks to “systematically exterminate the Hmong by 2020”.

Finally, Mr Moua called upon the US - a party to the Paris Peace Accords of 1973 - to raise its voice to condemn the oppression and extreme violence the Hmong people are suffering from at the hands of the communist regime in Laos. “This regime will continue to torture our people spiritually, culturally, and economically”, he said. “It is time to put an end to this cruel regime”.