Jun 05, 2019

Ambazonia: Willingness for Third-Party Mediated Negotiations with Cameroonian Government

In a press statement released on the occasion of a capacity building workshop in Brussels, leaders from all Ambazonian liberation movements, amongst which the Ambazonia Governing Council (AGovC), stressed the need for a more united front and declared readiness to engage in negotiations to formulate a united negotiating stance ahead of mediated talks with the Cameroonian government. Ambazonia has been under administrative subjugation by Cameroon since 1961 and years of assimilationist policies and heavy military presence have led to a revolt and subsequent  civil war in 2018. Calls for self-determination and autonomy of the largely Anglophone territory remain unanswered.

Leaders and representatives of all Southern Cameroonian aka Ambazonian liberation movements held sessions in Europe under the theme “Capacity building toward a negotiated settlement”.

Committing to set aside any and all differences among ourselves and our movements in favor of building and strengthening cohesion, agreeing strategies for a future negotiated settlement rooted in collegial and collaborative action that must always put Southern Cameroons/Ambazonia first; Acknowledging the huge needs in speedily building the skills of Southern Cameroonians/Ambazonians for successful negotiations; Welcoming calls for an immediate end to the genocidal violence in Southern Cameroons/Ambazonia; and Reiterating our commitment to prioritize a lasting solution that is consistent with our constitutionality in Southern Cameroons/Ambazonia.

The liberation movements in attendance viz; AGovC, APERM, APLM, ARCC, Consortium, FSCWO, IG, MoRISC, RoAN, SCNC and SCWM hereby resolve that:

Southern Cameroons/Ambazonia liberation movements represented at the capacity building workshop in Brussels declare our readiness to engage with La Republique du Cameroun in third-party mediated negotiations. Acknowledge, with gratitude, the decisions, resolutions and actions already taken or envisaged by international organizations, governments and parliaments around the world, notably in Europe and North America, in support of a negotiated settlement. Welcome, encourage and commend international stakeholders in touch with us, for assuming the respective roles agreed to with Southern Cameroons/Ambazonia liberation movements during various fora as will be outlined in formal agreements in the foreseeable future. Renew our determination and the determination of the Sovereign People of Southern Cameroons/Ambazonia to resist all forms of colonial domination as well as our eagerness to embrace a just and sustainable solution that must be rooted in international law, United Nations-backed resolutions, the United Nations Charter and the OAU Charter/African Union Constitutive Act.

Done at Brussels, this 28th day of May 2019

Ambazonia Governing Council (AGovC)

African People’s Liberation Movement (APLM)

Ambazonian People’s Restoration Movement (APERM)

Ambazonian Recognition Collaborative Council (ARCC)

Federation of Southern Cameroons Women’s Organizations (FSCWO)

The Interim Government (IG)

Movement for the Restoration of the Independence of Southern Cameroons (MoRISC)

Republic of Ambazonia Nationals (RoAN)

Southern Cameroons Civil Society Consortium (Consortium)

Southern Cameroons National Council (SCNC)

Southern Cameroon’s Women’s Movement (SCWM)


Photo courtesy of User:Lambisc (Wikimedia Commons)