May 16, 2019

Taiwan: Second Political March Held in Brussels

For the second time since last year, a political march in support for Taiwan was organized in Brussels, Belgium. More than 300 people hit the streets in the capital of the European Union, aiming to attract international recognition and understanding for the issue of the exclusion of Taiwan from international forums such as the United Nations (UN) and the World Health Organization (WHO).

On the 16th of May 2019, a political march in support for UNPO member Taiwan was organized in which more than 300 people hit the streets of Brussels to show their support for Taiwan. The crowd gathered in front of the La Monnaie building and marched from there towards the Taipei Representative Office in the European Union and Belgium. Accompanied by music, the march was gathering much attention as the stream of people made their way through the city centre of Brussels. After the first march was organized by the Taipei Representative Office in 2018, this year even more people gathered in Brussels, displaying the motto “Support Taiwan, Support Democracy”. Moreover, showing its readiness and ability to be included in the WHO, the “Taiwan can help” campaign was also showcased throughout the march.  

Taiwan, represented at the UNPO by the Taiwan Foundation for Democracy (TFD), is a multiparty democracy seeking full recognition and participation in in international forums such as the WHO and, ultimately, the UN. Despite having the largest and most prosperous economy of any country outside the UN, the exclusion of Taiwan from these international forums inhibits the country to prosper to its fullest extent, which prevents the Taiwanese population to fully enjoy this prosperity and their human rights.

Accordingly, the political march this year again tried to attract international attention and understanding towards the political situation of Taiwan with regards to the international community, as well as with China, which has been the main opponent of an independent Taiwan. As such, it was emphasized throughout the march that supporting Taiwan equals supporting democracy in a region where the position of China towards principles of democracy and human rights has raised widespread concerns.