Apr 04, 2019

West Papua: Military Violence Forced Thousands to Flee

A new report from the international human rights organization, Front Line Defenders, has highlighted more than 32.000 West Papuans have been forced to flee the region, some ended up living in inhumane conditions in refugee camps, by the ongoing conflict in the region.

Article published by RNZ

The estimate is the gravest yet in a months-long war between security forces and liberation fighters in Papua.

The group, Front Line Defenders, claims more than 32,000 people have been forced to flee the central highlands regency of Nduga due to military operations.

Rights advocates with the group reported that some civilians had died in refugee camps, where conditions are poor and people lack food and water.

They allege Indonesian security forces shot dead two school children, damaged 34 schools and likely dropped bombs using helicopters in Nduga.

The military, which has been hunting liberation group the West Papua Liberation Army since December, has denied the use of bombs.

Front Line Defenders plan to submit their findings to Indonesia's human rights commission.

Indonesia's military has rubbished the reports that thousands have been displaced by the conflict.

Picture courtesy from Wikipedia