Apr 04, 2019

Madhesh: Positive progress for Madesh in Nepal

Madhesh has been a UNPO member since October 2017. Earlier this year, the head of the Alliance for Independent Madesh (AIM), Dr. CK Raut was imprisoned. Dr. Raut has since been able to reach an accord with the government of Nepal and a new party, the Janamat Party, has been formed to help work for the rights of the Madheshi people, including the right to self-determination, within Nepal. The Janamat party has reaffirmed the key role that the UNPO can play in this process.

Article published by OnlineKhabar

Central Member of the newly-formed Janamat Party, Kailash Mahato has said that the party has no intention of leaving the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organisation.

Mahato, considered the party’s second in command, added that even though a referendum wasn’t part of the 11-point agreement between CK Raut and the government, it was still on the agenda of the party.

The erstwhile Alliance for Independent Madesh had become a member of UNPO in October 2017.

Mahato told Onlinekhabar that the talk of leaving the UNPO wasn’t on the agenda during the two-day meeting held in Siraha. “We only talked about the formation of the new party,” he shared.