Feb 28, 2019

Nagalim: Naga Leaders Reiterate Demande for Solution to the India/ Nagalim Political Issue

In a conference organized in New Delhi by the Naga Students Union Delhi, the president of the organization called for the Indian State, as well as the international community, to acknowledge the political conflict and to find an immediate solution, as the Indian central government has failed to deliver on previous commitments.

Article published by Nagaland Post

In a press statement, NSUD president said that the press conference was organized as an immediate follow-up activity to the “Global Mass Naga Rally” held on February 23 at Delhi.

The meeting was attended by advisor Naga Mothers’ Association (NMA), Dr. Rosemary Dzuvichii; chairman ADC, Ukhrul, Dr. Yaronsho Ngalung; secretary general, NPMHR, Neingulo Krome; joint secretary NMA, Leyri; department of History, Nagaland University, professor N. Venuh and president NSUD, Luikang Bruce as panellists.

According to NSUD, the “Global Naga calls” focus on the following primary objectives- to reach out to the global communities for support in resolving Indo-Naga political conflict, give pressure on the Indian government for an early political solution, fulfil the promises of a solution made by Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, interlocutor RN Ravi, and North East BJP in-charge, Ram Madhav in the last five years.

Dr. Dzuvichii maintained that the strong display of passion for the Naga issue and desires for immediate solution reflects the strength of young Naga generation. She also raised concern that not only oppressive laws such as AFSPA has been imposed in the Naga areas but the government of India is introducing repressive laws such as CAB and PRC in the Naga region, besides giving further assurance of immunity upon Assam Rifles. According to Dr. Dzuvichii, the situation was nothing “less than an undeclared secret war” upon the Nagas.

Leyri said that “Nagas have witnessed too many times of pains and tears; mothers are tired of carrying too many dead bodies of Naga compatriots”.

Therefore, Leyri said both “Nagalim” and India should realise the lost caused due to the conflict and arrive at amicable solution at the earliest in this opportune time.

Dr. Ngalung said that Global Nagas call for an immediate political solution came at the right time as the centre government has failed to deliver its promises.

Professor, Venuh reminded that the history of the Nagas movement did not began after the Indian independence, and that it has nothing against the Indian. He also cited the memorandum submitted to the Simon Commission to leave the Nagas alone in 1929. He said that even during the British colonial period, the Nagas were under the “excluded areas” from their administration.

Therefore, Venuh said that Nagas have lost their trust as nothing could materialized even after more than 70 years of negotiation with the Indian leadership for resolving the conflict. Neingulo Krome substantiated that ever since the second ceasefire was signed between India and the Nagas, NPMHR put every effort to bring all the sections to support the peace talks. However, Krome said that the assurance made by prime minister Narendra Modi on solution was not different from the promises made by the other leaders. The moderator of the session Lakpachui Siro said that political solution was equally important and beneficial to both Nagas and India, if Indian subcontinent has to become economic powers, and that Naga holds a great gateway towards economic growth. In conclusion, the Naga leaders have appealed to all the media fraternity to reach out to the world community with the message that “Nagas want support for an immediate political solution”.