Feb 05, 2019

Crimean Tatars: Blogger Transferred to High Security Cell

Nariman Memedeminov, a Crimean Tatar blogger, was moved to a cell with increased security level in Crimea due to his alleged studying and spread of extremist ideology. Detained since 22 March 2018 for an initial period of two months, his imprisonment has been repeatedly extended by the court. In spite of Ukrainian demands for his release and of his worsening health condition, Mr Memedeminov has unsuccessfully been requesting medical assistance for over a month now.

The article below was published by the 112 UA:

Crimean Tatar blogger Nariman Memedeminov has been moved from the ordinary cell to that with an increased security level. He still remains at the remand center in Simferopol in the occupied Crimea. His lawyer Emil Kurbedinov reported this as quoted by Crimean solidarity, the human rights watchers' organization.

According to Kurbedinov, the administration of the remand center in Simferopol showed the inmate a paper, under which Nariman Memedeminov is charged with 'studying and spreading extremist ideology'.

The lawyer also mentioned that Memedeminov reports worsening health conditions.

'It's been more than a month that he's been asking for medical assistance but the local doctors ignore his requests. If the defendant is not transferred to the hospital for examination and treatment, his condition will worsen considerably, which could result in serious consequences', Kurbedinov said.

Memedeminov was detained on March 22, 2018. The officers of the occupant law enforcement bodies held the search at the home of Memedeminov in Kholmovka village, Bakhchysarai district in the annexed Crimea. The day after that, the Kyiv district court of Simferopol, controlled by the Kremlin arrested Memedeminov for two months. The 'court' has been extending the detention period for him ever since. The Ukrainian side demands to set the activist free.


Photo courtesy of Torange Biz