Jan 11, 2019

Iranian Kurdistan: 69 Kurdish Citizens Executed in Iranian prisons in 2018

At least 69 Kurdish citizens were executed in prisons in Iran in 2018 alone, a decrease of 38% compared with 2017, which had 112 cases of execution. Regardless of the decrease in executions, capital punishments have also occurred.

According to the report released by the centre of Hengaw Organisation for Human Rights, the charges included that of political activity, religious activities, and sexual harassment. Furthermore, among the executed people were a minor, three women and two senescent citizens. Additionally, in 2018 Iran’s Judiciary has sentenced ten religious activists, three political activists and three Kurdish minors to capital punishment.

The article below was published by Hengaw Organization for Human Rights


Hengaw: Over the year 2018, at least 69 Kurdish citizens were executed in Iran's prisons. This statistic has decreased by 38% comparing to 2017.


Over the year 2018, at least 69 Kurdish citizens were executed in Iran's prisons of whom one was hanged in public, according to the statistic center of Hengaw Organisation for Human Rights.


Based on this report 6 prisoners were executed on charge of political activities, 9  on charge of religious activities, 46 on charge of attempted murder, 6 on charge of drug dealing and 2 of the executed prisoners were accused of sexual harassment.


Urmia province with 30 executions,  Kermanshan( Kermanshah) province with 22, Lorestan province with 6, Kurdistan ( Sna) province with 5, Ilam province with 5 and Northern khorasan with 1 execution, hold the records for the most executions over 2018 among Kurdistan of Iran's provinces.


Among the executed Kurdish citizens over 2018, sadly, there were a minor, 3 women and 2 senescent citizens at ages of 57 and 63.


The statistic shows Kurdish citizen's executions over 2017 with 112 cases has decreased by 38% in 2018.


Yet, over the year 2018, 10 religious activists, 3 political activists and 3 Kurdish minors have been sentenced to capital punishment by Iran's Judiciary.


Photo courtesy of Wikipedia Commons