Jan 11, 2019

Ogoni: Rumours About the Abolition of MOSOP Untrue

Fyneface Dumnamene, spokesman for the Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP) has debunked the claims of the organisation being succeeded by the Ogoni Central Indigenous Authority (OCIA). Mr Fyneface denounced OCIA last week saying that the main aim of the said organisation is to use the political instability caused by the insufficient progress in Ogoniland clean-up and to opportunistically seize power. MOSOP warns the people of Ogoniland that OCIA remains without authority and their claims about the status of MOSOP are baseless.

This article was published by Vanguard:

The Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP) has debunked reports that it has been dissolved into Ogoni Central Indigenous Authority(OCIA), headed by one Goodluck Diigbo.

Fyneface Dumnamene, MOSOP spokesman said the statement by Diigbo, the pioneer president of National Youth Council of the Ogoni People (NYCOP) was baseless.

“The MOSOP President, Bari-Ara Kpalap would not have reacted to this baseless statement… but he decided to do so in order to put the records straight in the interest of the public and good people of Ogoniland”, Fyneface said.

Oil Spill “OCIA is not recognized by MOSOP and as far as MOSOP is concerned, such organisation does not exist in Ogoniland.

“MOSOP hereby warns members of the public to be wary in dealing with Goodluck Diigbo under the guise of “OCIA” created to exploit unsuspecting Ogoni people and members of the public after he failed as self-acclaimed “internet president” of MOSOP. At the appropriate time, MOSOP in consultation with the Ogoni people will disband “OCIA”.

Kpalap took over MOSOP leadership from Chief Legborsi Pyagbara on 1 January this year. Pyagbara’s tenure expired on Dec. 31, 2018.

Fyneface said Goodluck Diigbo stays abroad and uses the internet to issue statements on issues in Ogoniland.

“Diigbo should not be taken seriously”, Fyneface said.

“The fact that the said statement on January 4, 2019 alleged that the 2019 Ogoni Day is the 27th instead 26th since its commencement in 1993 points to the veracity that Mr. Diigbo has lost touch with the realities in Ogoniland and should not be taken seriously on any issue relating to Ogoniland and its leadership”.

Photo courtesy of Susty Vibes