Dec 20, 2018


In November and December 2018, the UNPO engaged in various activities, ranging from holding a series of meetings at the European Parliament with two of its Members to participating in protests and external events. UNPO also published a report it submitted to the United Nations Committee Against Torture (UNCAT) concerning ongoing human rights violations against the indigenous Khmer-Krom people in the Mekong Delta and organised two events about Pakistan in Washington, DC and in Brussels. Moreover, the UNPO participated in the 11th UN Forum on Minority Issues held in Geneva and organised a side-event tackling the issue of statelessness and solutions that exist to it through minority empowerment. 
This edition of the UNPO Newsletter sheds light on the severe human rights violations occurring in China against ethnic and religious groups such as the Uyghurs and discusses the mass-internment camps in which over 1 million individuals are held, as well as the role the international community has played so far in facing this problem.

To read more about these and other activities that took place these past two months, download the November-December 2018 Newsletter here.